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Austin Bluebonnet Mini Session season is near – it’s time to book your spot! Pricing is $195 for a mini session + 5 digital negatives + print release. The dates are Sat 3/24, Sun 3/25, Sat 4/7 and Sun 4/8. See below for full details. Contact or 850.319.4591 to reserve a spot.


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How does an Austin Bluebonnet Mini Session differ from a full session? 

A regular photo session starts at $575 and runs sixty minutes in length at the location of your choice. A mini session is conducted at a specific location chosen by the photographer lasting ten minutes. Austin Bluebonnet Mini Session pricing for 2018 is $195.


What is the 2018 Austin Bluebonnet Mini Session schedule?

* * * Note that Daylight Saving Time starts on Sunday, March 11, 2018 * * *

Saturday, March 24th (Back-up Date: 3/31)
(wait list for 6:35pm, 6:50pm, 7:05pm and 7:20pm)

Sunday, March 25th (Back-up Date: 4/1)

Saturday, April 7th (Back-up Date: 4/14)

Sunday, April 8th (Back-up Date: 4/15)


What is the cost of an Austin Bluebonnet Mini Session and what does it include? 

Pricing is $195 and includes a phone consultation to discuss wardrobe, location, and meeting details, a ten-minute session, an online gallery of 25+ images for proofing, sharing and ordering, and five downloadable high-resolution images of your choosing.


How do I sign up for an Austin Bluebonnet Mini Session?

Contact Ziem at 850.319.4591 or send a note to with your preferred date and time slot (availability below), then submit a non-refundable payment in full via VenMo. There is a 3% fee when using PayPal.

What happens next?

Within two weeks of the session date, you will receive proofs for previewing and ordering. From there, you will have the opportunity to select five images for downloading and purchase additional digital negatives + prints.


What is the plan for inclement weather?
In the event of rain, the mini session will be postponed exactly seven days from your originally scheduled date and time. Please also be sure to reserve this time and date when booking your mini session. Refunds are not allowed, but you may transfer your session to a friend or relative of your choosing.

Contact or 850.319.4591 to reserve a spot.

Austin Bluebonnet Mini Session

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Austin Bluebonnet Mini Sessions Ziem Photography

Austin Family Photographer | The Flakes

The summer before last, the fun Flake family was one of my favorite shoots ever. Only this time, we brought the party to Florida! We shot while on vacation in Alys Beach (peek at our last session here!), and it was so fun to update their photos in Austin back in December. This family! Oh this family. I just adore them, especially these gorgeous boys. They showed up with ants and their pants and a sparkle in their eyes that no lens could resist. Austin family photographer


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These two boys are special. In addition to having such cool parents, they happen to be super cute, cheeky, and feisty. Throughout the session they giggled so much and ran so fast, that Mom left the session just praying that one of our shots would work! I loved surprising her with an entire gallery of favorites that she used for their annual holiday card. I hope she prints a few to adorn the walls of their beautiful home. Austin family photographer


The day of our shoot was a beautiful, with the leaves changing and the brisk air begging more of Winter than Fall.  The playful boys also loved having so much space in which to roam, undaunted by the bite of cold. Au

stin family photographer

austin family photography flake ziem photography


This Mom has simply impeccable taste. Their entire family is always photo-ready, but the boys looked particularly great this day without compromising their boyish comfort and lightning-fast speed. These Flake family sessions are crazy 100% of the time, as they’re supposed to be and as I expect them to be. It is part of the fun! Typically these dedicated parents leave our sessions with the hopes of just one. Please, just one, Good. Photo. When I can over-deliver and surprise parents with tens of jaw-dropping beauties, it is the best feeling ever. All of my love until next our next picture party, Flake family! Austin family photographer

austin family photography flake ziem photography


* * *

Traveling to 30-A this summer? I’ll be available in Seaside, Rosemary Beach and Alys Beach for family beach portraits. Contact or 850.319.4591 for availability. Austin family photographer

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Austin family photographer

Austin Maternity Photography | Mama Lauren

This Austin maternity photography session was the perfect way to celebrate just before Valentine’s Day! The growing bond between a mom and her expected child is really special. My body did not always agree with pregnancy. I experienced morning/afternoon/night sickness for 13 weeks both times. But I did love all the cute outfits that came with dressing my bump trimester two onward. Lauren opted for a whimsical look, clad in a fitted white dress with a train, and a flower crown that complemented the field in which we shot. I’m so glad we didn’t let a gloomy day get in the way of photos. The moody shots were a fun departure from my normal magical, sun-filled shots.

Austin Maternity Photography Newborn Ziem Photography

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Austin Maternity Photography

Interiano Family || Austin Family Photography

There is still time to book your Dell Miracle Book Page session! Contact or 850.319.4591 for availability. austin family photography


There are no accidents, my mom always said. This couldn’t be more true when it comes to this special family’s presence in my life. We met the Interiano family five years ago in the airport – just a chance encounter whilst trying to placate wild kids internationally bound. Hi and bye, one would think. However after returning home to Austin we began seeing the Interianos, who have similarly-aged kids, in all of the usual Westlake hot spots. We joked that we would have to stop these accidental encounters and finally meet on purpose – so we did!

Austin family photography Interiano ziem photography


The Interianos and my family share not only travel and extracurricular habits, but also a heartfelt passion for the Dell Children’s Hospital charity fund. This Austin family photography shoot was for the family’s annual Christmas card, and its images will also fill the Interiano’s generously donated page in the 2018 Dell Miracle Book. True to form, on the day of the shoot Dad was just returning from a long international trip. Thus I expected that Mom and Dad both might be a little (or a lot!) exhausted. But that wasn’t the family that greeted me early, bright, spry, and full of joyful energy! They surprised me once again.


Austin family photography Interiano ziem photography


Aynsley is a mama with impeccable taste in everything, with her wardrobe choices beautifully reflecting her keen eye. However last year’s incredible guayabera she had planned for her boys was unceremoniously kiboshed when her little mister refused to photograph in anything but his beloved UT football jersey. Oh, the best laid plans! (We feel your pain, Mom.) This year he complied however and was the very pink of perfection. (Shoes are overrated, by the way, when you are this stinking cute.) The little ladies couldn’t wear their girly glee more gorgeously, relishing in Mom’s talent for garb.


Austin family photography Interiano ziem photography


As we are the traveling kind, we have shot all over Austin in past sessions. But when we arrived at this charming, restored home it was the ultimate for her magnificent mobile tribe. The day was delightful and the subjects were stunning; it was the kind of shoot you look back on as an all-time favorite. Every time I tried to put my camera away another superb snapshot surfaced.  And so we kept snapping!


Austin family photography Interiano ziem photography


Proudly I claim the advantage of knowing these sweet little souls well enough to hone in on their truest essence, as I know their doting parents most want to capture them. Like the shoot itself, brimming with surprises, unexpected surprises, and fateful finds, so is this treasured friendship with the Interianos. We were meant to share our families in this blessed life together. And my mom was right- there are no accidents indeed.


Austin family photography Interiano ziem photography

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The Aghamalians || Austin Family Photography

It was amazing to see so many fellow supporters of the Dell Children’s Hospital at their recent fundraising gala! If you inquired about a photo session for your Dell Miracle Book Page, there is still time! Contact or 850.319.4591 for availability. austin family photography aghamalian


It’s gala season here in Austin, with several special organizations near to my heart holding their annual fundraiser events. The mood feels festive, renewed by a sense of recharge and rest in January. Our collective gaze shifts to the horizon of possibilities of a new year.  Though January finds us back to work and routines, we are also stepping back onto the dancefloor. While we pick up our music again we’re sitting down at the drawing board of our lives- accounting for successes of the year gone by in order craft a new year for those we love better than ever.

austin family photography aghamalian ziem photography

In every community there are a few folks that seem to master the coveted balance of extraordinary achievement equaled by their ability to relish the joy that their accomplishments curate. Work hard, play hard, and look great doing it. The Aghamalian family are such folks. austin family photography aghamalian


If you live in the Westlake area as I do, you know of the Aghamalians. Mom is an avid community volunteer, advocate, and real life superheroine, earning a much-deserved finalist spot on the Westlake Chamber of Commerce short list for Westlake Hero of the Year.  She is an incredibly devoted supporter of the Dell Children’s Hospital, donating page in the Miracle Book this year. Dad is a musician, imparting his passions to his daughter Juliet whose sparkly personality seems destined for music video greatness.  With her effervescent energy big sister Juliet enthusiastically ensures quality entertainment for her little brother and sister, who are twins.



This is my second year to work with this sweet family, shooting this time on possibly the coldest day of November. This mom knows her family, and treasures both sides of them. She chose a gorgeous formal ensemble first, then changed into a casual set for the remainder of the shoot.  It was a perfect mix and metaphor for this accomplished, fun-loving family. This is a dedicated, darling dad, whose pride permeated my lens.  Though the temps were low, spirits were high. The incredible love that my camera recorded radiating between this close, joyful family absolutely melted my heart on this chilly day. austin family photography aghamalian


Austin family photography aghamalian ziem photography


This gala season comes full circle for me personally as well as for organizations I champion. It is a joy seeing seeds of goodwill sprout. Through these events I absorb the value in celebrating how far we have come in order to set new goals.  The Aghamalian family epitomizes the sweet spot between hard work and devotion to their passions, and cherishing the rewards that their diligence reaps.  I cherish their friendship and can’t wait to watch them soar this year.
Here we are at the Imagine Gala

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